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Furnace Maintenance

It’s often a good idea as a homeowner to have your furnace inspected on a yearly basis. The professionals at R&R Climate will make sure any issues are fixed before they become costly repairs. You’ll want to ensure the proper maintenance of your furnace is handled before the seasons change and you’re faced with no heat in the freezing days of winter. 

A furnace maintenance is essentially a tune up for your hvac unit. It’s the process of hiring a professional HVAC certified technician to ensure the unit is in good working condition.

A lot of times, the technicians will perform routine recommendations based on the manufacturer recommendations to service your unit. Checking ductwork, lines, motors and other miscellaneous parts of the furnace. It’s no different than ensuring your vehicle has the right amount of oil and tires have the proper tread. As with anything, if you neglect the maintenance you end up paying the price over time.

Reasons for a furnace inspection

Longevity – Your furnace has a limited lifespan. If you don’t maintain it, the likelihood increases that your unit won’t reach its maximum potential in performance and life cycle which means less money spent on gas or electricity bills.

Avoid Breakdowns – If you’re not prepared, your home could be vulnerable to costly emergencies. Regular inspections will spot problems before they leave you without heat in a blizzard and force an inconvenient repair call for peace of mind all year round!

Catch Issues Early – The best way to avoid expensive repairs is by keeping your machine running smoothly. Small problems cost a small amount. By catching these sooner, it will save money over time compared to replacing parts when they break because of neglectful or accidental negligence on behalf of an owner/operator.

Efficiency – The best investment you can make for your home is a well-tuned furnace. It will do more with less, improving efficiency and making it easier on the pocketbook in terms of cost effectiveness!

Clean Air A dirty furnace is like a little machine that sucks up all of the dirt in your house and then spits it back out. It does this with poor maintenance, leaving you to breathe in more compounds than necessary!