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If it feels like your heating system is getting worse and starting to affect the quality of life in your home, then maybe time for a new one. For example: if you’re noticing higher energy bills or that your current unit can’t keep up with peak demand. Then it’s time to consider installing a new furnace from a professional HVAC contractor. 

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Signs You Need To Install A New Furnace In Your Home

Your current hvac system:

Constant & Expensive Repairs – If it seems like you are constantly calling HVAC repair companies out to your home every other month, then it’s time you considered retiring your old unit.

Terrible Efficiency – As your heating system ages, it becomes less efficient. Its best will be outpaced by the latest models coming onto the market. If you want to save on energy bills then a replacement is always worthwhile for home owners who are looking ahead – just make sure that what they choose has all of these features!

Not enough Heat Coming Out Of Vents We all need a little extra heat during these cold winter months, and if you don’t have the right equipment for your home’s size or it’s too old then there are some other problems that can arise from not having enough heat.  

Buying a new furnace? Here are to keep in mind when purchasing

When you’re ready to buy a new furnace, it’s important to not only think about your budget. You’ll also need to make some decisions around:

BTU – What kind of a home do you have? What size is it, in terms of square footage and number of floors? Once we know these things about your house’s layout can help us figure out how many BTUs per hour are needed to keep everyone comfortable all winter long!

Gas or Electric – When comparing the two types of units, the electric furnaces tend to be a more affordable option. They also don’t require as much maintenance when compared to gas furnaces. Gas on the other hand is less expensive to operate, so when comparing the two different units over the length of ownership, they tend to not be that much different in price.

Efficiency – Keep in mind that the cheaper unit isn’t always the cheapest over the course of the lifetime of the unit. Advances in technology and features of a unit can outweigh the initial cost. The expensive units run at a much more efficient rate, which overtime will cost less.

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