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When your AC is down, the last thing you need are headaches. Get in touch with R&R ClimateService for fast service that will leave no room for problems! From Marengo to Woodstock and Lake Geneva  to Hebron homeowners rely on us when they realize how much their air conditioning system affects them during hot weather months.

For more than a decade, we’ve been repairing broken and malfunctioning air conditioners for folks in this area. 

We offer AC repair service in

We’ve got you covered! With a quick response and prompt arrival, R&R Climate is here to fix all your AC needs. If it can’t handle the heat? No problem – just give us a call so we come out right away without delay or extra charge for on-site service.

Reasons to call R&R Climate for AC Repair

Odd Noises – All air conditioners make some noise, but if you hear thumping, clanging or whistling while running your AC it could mean that there is something wrong. Have no fear! We have the knowledge on how to fix this issue quickly so just let us know what’s going on with yours and our experienced technicians will get right down-to work for you.

Short Cycling – A frequent issue with ACs is short cycling, in which they turn on and off repeatedly without running through their cooling cycle–a problem known as “cycling” or repetitive use that wears out parts quickly! You should check for electrical problems, frozen coils (the metal plates inside), refrigerant leaks(which causes sweet smells)or other malfunctions caused by weird weather conditions outside.

Increased Enegry Bill – If you’re experiencing electric bills that are sky-high, it could be because of the inefficient air conditioner in your home. With routine annual maintenance and an aging AC system, there is no doubt about it: every minute counts when trying to save money on utilities!

Won’t Turn On – If your air conditioning unit has broken or needs to be repaired, we can help. A blown fuse may seem like a simple problem at first glance but it could end up being more complicated if you don’t know what’s wrong with the system; same goes for an AC compressor that just won’t work anymore – they’re not always easy repairs! Our technicians will go through all options before giving estimates on anything including new systems installation (which means no more high-energy bills).

Hot Air You may be experiencing AC part failures or a clogged filter. In either case, it’s time for an in-depth diagnostic to get your air conditioner running again!

A cool breeze is just a phone call away! Give our experts at R&R Climate an opportunity to install your air conditioner and make sure it fits perfectly with the rest of your home.

Top Air Conditioner Brands That We Repair

Regardless of the air conditioner brand you have in your home, our trained AC technicians can handle the air conditioner repair. We routinely perform repairs on the following popular AC brands:

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